Denim fabric weight and comfort

- Nov 28, 2018-

The unit of the weight of the cloth is (g/m2, ie g/m2). The unit of the thickness of the yarn is (English, S).

The weight of the heavy cloth is above 450g/m2, and the weaving is 7×6S.

The medium-sized fabric weighs between 340-450g/m2 (10-13 ounces per square yard) and weaves it to 10×10 S.

Lightweight fabrics weigh 200-340g/m2 (6-10 oz/flat)

Silky Bamboo Denim: Comfortable, smooth and shiny, it is one of the high-end denim fabrics.

Cotton bamboo denim: The texture of the fabric is thick, the slub yarn is more prominent and has a better washing effect.

Cotton twill denim: The fabric has a clear texture and moderate thickness. It is the most widely used fabric for denim.