Historical development of knitting and knitting

- Dec 10, 2018-

In 1589, the British pastor William Lee invented the first hand knitting machine. In the 1970s, with the invention of electric motors, hand-cranked knitting machines were replaced by high-speed electric knitting machines.

Multiple yarns are simultaneously looped along the longitudinal (warp direction) of the fabric

Warp knit fabrics cannot be hand woven.

Warp knitted fabrics are divided into two categories:

One is Raschel fabric, the main feature is that the flower shape is large, the cloth surface is rough, and there are many holes, mainly for decorative fabric;

The second is tricot fabric, which has fine cloth surface and less color, but the output is high. It is mainly used for covering fabrics and printed fabrics. These fabrics are mostly used for chemical fiber filaments, otherwise the production efficiency is extremely low.

Weft-knitted knitwear can be formed with at least one yarn, but in order to improve production efficiency, a plurality of yarns are generally used for weaving; while a warp-knitted fabric cannot form a fabric with one yarn, and one yarn only It can form a crucible composed of a coil.

All weft knits can be detached into a line in the reverse weaving direction, but the warp knit can not.