Knitting elastic fiber, the new trend in the knitting industry

- Dec 19, 2018-

The new synthetic fiber "bens" (bens). The characteristics of polyester, rayon and nylon are the characteristics of nylon, softness, resilience and anti-staining, as well as the bulkiness of the rayon and the crease resistance and corrosion resistance of the polyester, and the anti-pilling It has outstanding performance and can be dyed into dark color with disperse dyes at normal pressure, which will become a strong competitor of polyester and nylon.

In the field of knitting, Betne has been described as "future elastic fiber". The reason why Bettlen is so eye-catching is its excellent performance. The advantages of polyester, acrylic and nylon are the flexibility, resilience and stain resistance of nylon, the bulkiness of acrylic fiber, the crease resistance and corrosion resistance of polyester, and the outstanding anti-pilling performance. Can be dyed with a disperse dye at atmospheric pressure.

As an ideal multi-purpose polymer, Betelon fiber combines the excellent performance of various fibers and will become one of the most popular fiber varieties. Beitung not only maintains the excellent properties of synthetic fibers, but also meets the spinning requirements. It blends with cotton to impart softness to the fabric and improves dimensional stability; blending with viscose improves the wrinkle resistance of the fabric.