Looping is the basic process of knitting

- Dec 07, 2018-

The yarn constitutes a loop which becomes a knitted fabric through a longitudinal string and a lateral connection. So the loop is the basic process of knitting. The looping process can be broken down into the following stages in sequence: retreating - moving the newly formed coil (called the old coil) from the hook to the needle bar; the mating yarn - feeding the yarn onto the knitting needle; - bending the yarn into the shape of the coil; with the yarn - moving the yarn on the new mat or the coil that has just been bent into the hook; closing - closing the needle needle; ferrule - the old coil sleeve To the needle hook with the needle closed; the loop - the new yarn or the new coil meets the old coil inside and outside the hook; the loop - the old coil is removed from the hook and placed on the new coil; The yarn is formed into a closed and sizing new coil; pulling - pulling the new coil away from the looped area. This new coil becomes the old coil in the next cycle. There are two types of knitting processes and knitting methods. In the knitting process, the stages of the looping are carried out in the above order. During the knitting process, the bending begins with the unwinding and simultaneously with the looping phase. In some knitting machines, each knitting needle sequentially completes the loop forming process in sequence; there are also some knitting machines in which the knitting process is performed at the same time.