Some common sense of denim fabric

- Nov 19, 2018-

As a super fan of jeans, the understanding of the brand, style, model and version of jeans is definitely not lost. A good pair of jeans and good workmanship can not be separated, but the most basic part is still denim fabric, good The more the fabric crosses the fit, the more it crosses the charm, the longer it wears, the more the cowboy feels. And if the fabric is very poor, it can't be worn after washing a few times. It is almost the same as tearing a mop.

1, look at the characteristics of traditional denim fabric

Pure cotton coarse-knit twill, easy to absorb moisture, moisture permeability, sweat absorption, good breathability, very comfortable to wear, thick texture, clear texture, proper treatment, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinkage, anti-deformation, orchid, is a kind of coordinated color energy and each The color tops match, the seasons are all non-solid colors, the more light the more light, the lighter the more beautiful 2, then look at the denim fabric with different material structure.

A small-scale spandex yarn (about 3-4% of the yarn weight) is used as the core-elastic warp or weft of the warp yarn, and the elastic denim woven into the warp yarn is made of a low-proportion polyester and cotton blend, and the white snow effect is produced after dyeing. Denim fabric made of cotton and linen, cotton-wool blended yarn, denim fabric made of medium-long fiber (T/R), 3, and denim fabric made of different processing techniques.

Bark denim woven with high-twisted weft yarns. When dyed with warp yarns, the dyed denim dyed with sulphur or Haichanglan and then dyed with eucalyptus is embedded in the warp of the ochre. The denim is hanged on the denim denim or printed on the denim. 4. The denim is made of pure cotton eucalyptus and the natural weft. It is made of three right-handed right twill weaves. It can be divided into light and medium. Heavy three categories. The width of the cloth is mostly between 114 and 152 cm.

Cloth weight (g/m2) Yarn thickness (British branch) Lightweight 200-340 g/m2 (6-10 oz/square yard) 12×12 or more medium 340-450 g/m2 (10-13 oz/square yard) 10×10 heavy duty 450g or more 7×6