Summer is only suitable for wearing pure natural fabrics. These artificial materials are very good to wear

- Jul 05, 2020-

The hot summer strikes again, the women have reached the season where they should buy the most, and the wardrobe also ushers in a major blood exchange. There are a variety of summer clothes, in addition to focusing on the sense of fashion, there is more important point, whether it is light and cool, whether it is skin-friendly. Otherwise, you buy fashionable clothes, wear them on your body, and sweat, the sweat sticks to the clothes together with the clothes, or the airtight fabric, causing the entire person's skin to be covered, very uncomfortable.


If you want the clothes to be light, cool and breathable, you must pay attention to the fabric of the clothing when you buy it. Good fabric makes your upper body feel refreshing. Some people say: Isn't the best fabric made of natural materials? That's right, but there are too many kinds of natural fabrics, some of which are still airtight and sultry.


Therefore, when you choose pure natural fabrics, you have to be considerate, otherwise you will lose money. Don’t say I didn’t tell you in advance that the following fabrics are available in summer.

One: pure natural material

1. linen cloth


The linen fabric doesn't need much to say, it is simply the "run power" in summer clothes. It allows the skin to breathe, it is also very breathable, does not give you sweat, no static problems, and it is soft to the touch. It is particularly friendly to people with skin allergies. Moreover, the fabric itself is very expensive and has a high-quality texture, so don't mention how comfortable it is to wear out in summer.


But linen fabric also has a problem that it's not a big deal. It is too easy to wrinkle. If you wear a formal dress made of pure linen, even if you iron it before going out in the morning, it will wrinkle when you go to the company meeting at noon. Very visually influential.


Can consider cotton and linen blended fabrics, pay attention to the content of hemp is lower than cotton, such as 60 cotton +30 hemp. This kind of material pleats are all big pleats, and will not look sloppy like small pleats, but increase the texture. After washing it, it can be put into the closet after being leveled. Unlike pure linen, it needs to be ironed to be tidy.

2. Silk fabric


The silk clothes are very beautiful, but the durability of the silk is not long, because there are yellowing and drawing problems. If you want to buy it and wear it for many years, you must pay special attention to the preservation and cleaning. Although it is not very well preserved, because it is too silky and cool in the summer, there are still many women who buy it for it.


Understand its characteristics, you also need to pay attention to an issue, that is, silk and linen are particularly prone to wrinkles! There are also many types of silk, including silk, Japanese silk, and French silk. Two of these silks are relatively easier to manage.


Like heavy double crepe, it is more common in silk. The surface has obvious texture. It is mostly used for making dresses and does not fold easily. It is easily available on the market.


The other is elastic satin. Because a little spandex less than 10 is added, it becomes elastic silk. It is often used as a shirt. The invincible anti-wrinkle is also very good to keep. Don't worry about the durability.

3: cotton fabric


The cotton fabric has the effect of absorbing sweat, and can also effectively prevent sweat and odor. It will not cause red rashes on the skin because of sweating. Don't pay much attention to it when you wash it and throw it away in the washing machine.

Two: artificial materials

After talking about natural materials, talk about artificial materials. Man-made materials are more durable and washable than natural materials, less susceptible to damage, and cheaper in price.

1. Chiffon


Artificial snow is clothing fabrics that are not available in summer, and is made of chemical fiber materials, that is, raw materials for the wheels. Chiffon fabric is perfect for wrinkle resistance, and the upper body has a flowing, natural drape, cool feeling, how to wear and how to look good.


But chiffon fabrics are also divided into high-quality and inferior in the production process. When choosing, you must touch with your hands and look with your eyes. Do not choose poor ones to save money. You must buy high-quality ones. Inferior chiffon fabrics will feel stuffy and sweaty on the skin when worn on the body, which is super stuffy. High-quality chiffon fabrics will not have such problems.

2. Recycled fiber


Regenerated fiber is inspired by silkworm spinning, using natural materials as raw materials, chemically processed into a concentrated solution, and then processed by spinning to make textile fibers. The hygroscopicity and breathability are particularly good. It can be said that it is the most suitable for summer among all chemical fibers, and the upper body is not sticky at all.

3. Synthetic fiber


Synthetic fiber is purified fiber, also known as polyester fiber, it is the most common fabric in summer clothing. People with skin allergies may feel that wearing this material will cause skin discomfort. In fact, the current polyester fiber is basically made functional, and the comfort is even more than that of cotton. Some clothing like Uniqlo is also used. Polyester fiber, so don't worry about allergies.


In addition to considering styles, buying clothes in summer must know how to choose fabrics. The fabrics are good and comfortable to wear. After reading this article, I believe you must have a deep heart when choosing clothing