The knitting industry is an important part of the textile industry

- Dec 04, 2018-

The knitting industry is an important part of the textile industry. In 2008, China's knitwear accounted for more than 50% of the total clothing, and the proportion of 65% of the developed countries is getting closer. From January to December 2010, the knitting industry produced a total of 16.417 billion knitwear, an increase of 18.38% year-on-year. The growth rate was 9.99 percentage points higher than the full-year level of 2009 (8.39%). In 2005-2010, the sales revenue of the industry continued to increase, from 2008.92 billion yuan in 2005 to 409.737 billion yuan in 2010, with a year-on-year growth rate of 8%-52%, the highest was 51.14%, and the lowest was 8.63%. The size is larger, with a year-on-year increase of 23.34% in 2010.

With the increase in the income of urban and rural residents, consumers' demand for clothing and clothing tastes increased, and in the context of the country's expansion of domestic demand to encourage consumption, the acceleration of population urbanization and technology-driven will bring opportunities for the development of the knitting industry, so that domestic sales for knitting The pulling effect of industry growth will become more and more important. In addition, the further development of the ASEAN market and the cultivation of new international markets will promote the development of the knitting industry in 2011.

Due to the large dependence on the labor force in the knitting industry, China's low wage costs have obvious advantages. Coupled with China's huge market share and mature technology support, the global knitting industry will be concentrated in China in the future, with overseas With the continuous introduction of advanced technology, the knitting industry is accelerating the industrial upgrading and forming a regional knitting base. Overall, the development prospects of the knitting industry are good.