Chiffon Product Features

- Dec 08, 2018-

Qiao Qichen is a kind of silk fabric made by strong warp and weft. The warp and weft yarns adopt the two different twist directions of S and Z, and are arranged according to ZS and 2Z.

Due to the latitude and longitude of the fabric, it is particularly easy to breathe. In addition, the reduction in dyeing is sufficient and the fabric feels soft. It is the fashionable fabric pursued by fashionable women. It is elegant and elegant. In addition, the "elastic chiffon" warp yarn is made of polyester FDY100D yarn, and the weft yarn is made of polyester DTY100D/48F+40D spandex yarn. The product shows both a linen style and a flexible and flexible property. The upper body is not only easy to wear, but also beautiful and free. The chiffon skirt is cool and feminine, adding a touch of glamour to the lady's clothing.

A very thin fabric, is a chemical fiber fabric, suitable for women to do summer clothes, feels a little small hair feel, but this is its characteristics, and some waistband skirt belts are made with it. There are also clothes and skirts that can be made directly, but it is thinner and must have a lining.