Dyeing Process Of Polyester Cotton

- Nov 24, 2018-

Two bath dyeing

Polyester cotton

That is, first dye the polyester in the acidic bath of the disperse dye, and then enter the reactive dye alkaline bath to dye the cotton. Using this method of dyeing, the dyes have little influence on each other, the process is easier to control, and a higher dye uptake rate can be obtained, and the dyeing effect is better, but the process is complicated and the energy consumption is large.

Reducing soap washing machine

The polyester and cotton were dyed in the same bath under neutral conditions. Among them, cotton uses reactive dyes which can be dyed at near-neutral pH. Polyester uses disperse dyes which can be dyed under neutral conditions, and an appropriate amount of pH adjuster is added to keep the dye bath in neutral condition. The process is easy to operate, reproducible and energy efficient.