Garment Fabric Finishing

- Feb 18, 2020-

We must tidy up the fabric before we cut it. Here refers to the arrangement of the fabric is mainly pre-shrink processing, otherwise when the clothes after washing, wearing on the body will appear a lot of problems. The method that shrinks fabric in the home basically is the following two kinds: The soaking, This is more suitable for the treatment of natural fiber fabrics, such as cotton, hemp, silk and so on. The shrinkage rate of these fabrics is relatively larger a few, should immerse the fabric adequately so in water 1 to 2 hours, after soaking also need not wring, smooth on air clothes pole natural dry can. Just iron it a little before cutting. It should be noted that this kind of fabric has a color fastness problem, for printing or dark fabrics to fully consider the possibility of color loss, it is best to soak separately, avoid dyeing each other. Steam ironing Steam ironing is more suitable for wool fabric for pre - shrink treatment. Wool is generally not suitable for immersion and washing, there are hanging ironing machine can directly put the fabric back with steam hit. What need to notice of common steam iron is to a few to have the wool of special craft processing, be like the wool that has nap and stereo feeling very strong, it is good to let steam spray to fabrics when operating, cannot let iron bottom press to fabrics.