Chiffon product introduction

- Dec 05, 2018-

The warp and weft yarns are made of two different twisted yarns of S and Z, arranged in 2S, 2Z (two left and two right), interlaced with plain weave, and the warp and weft density of the fabric is very small. After the scouring of the blank silk, the crepe is shrunk due to the untwisting action of the silk thread, and the georgette which is covered with even wrinkles and loose structure is formed. According to the raw materials used, it can be divided into silk georgette, rayon georgette, polyester georgette and interwoven georgette. If the weft yarn only adopts a kind of twist, the georgette is called the georgette, and the georgette yarn shows the warp. Pleated irregular wrinkles. The texture of the georgette is light and transparent, soft and elastic, and the appearance is light and elegant. It has good breathability and drape, and is elegant and comfortable to wear. The lightness, weight, thickness, thinness, transparency and the curling effect of the georgette are mainly determined by the thickness, the number of joints, the twist and the density of the warp and weft. Georgette is suitable for making women's dresses, high-end evening dresses, headscarves, palace lanterns and so on.

Chiffon yarn: The warp and weft yarn of the fabric is twisted with polyester FDY100D, and then steamed and blanched for special pulping process. The structure of the fabric is changed by plain weave. In addition to the advantages of softness, smoothness, breathability and easy washing, the product has better comfort and better drape. The fabric can be dyed, printed, embroidered, bronzing, wrinkles, etc. The listed fabrics are dominated by a variety of light-colored and light-colored shades, which combines a light and elegant aesthetic. The width of the fabric is 150cm, and the weight per gram is about 130g. It is one of the ideal fashion fabrics for women in spring and summer fashion.