Main Characteristic Use Of Cotton Cloth

- Jan 21, 2019-

The main features are mainly as follows:

(1) It has good hygroscopicity and breathability, and is comfortable to wear;

(2) soft to the touch, soft and simple;

(3) good in warmth and excellent in taking performance;

(4) good dyeing, bright color, complete chromatogram, However, the color fastness is not good enough; 

(5) alkali resistance and acid resistance, concentrated alkali treatment can make the fiber cross section of the fabric round, thereby improving the luster of the fabric, that is, mercerizing effect;

(6) light resistance is good, but prolonged exposure will cause Fading and strength drop;

(7) poor elasticity, easy to produce wrinkles and creases are not easy to recover;

(8) pure cotton fabric is prone to mildew, deterioration, but resistant to insects.

Cotton cloth is a necessity in people's daily life. It has a wide range of applications in people's wear, bedding, indoor products, interior decoration, etc., and is also widely used in packaging, industry, medical, military and other fields.