Selection Of Polyester/cotton Dyes

- Nov 29, 2018-

Dye selection

Long-distance rolling and dyeing production of polyester-cotton blended fabrics, generally using dispersion / activity or dispersion / Shilin dyeing process. Since the finishing needs high temperature treatment, the high temperature disperse dye with good sublimation fastness should be selected as the hot dissolving dye to ensure the color fastness of the final product. For some bright colors, if it is necessary to use a low-temperature disperse dye (such as disperse red 3B), the finishing temperature should be lowered during the finishing, and the baking time should be extended to compensate for the finishing.

The polyester component in the polyester-cotton blended fabric is hydrophobic and lipophilic, so it is easy to be contaminated with oil during use. It is easy to generate static electricity in the case of drying and absorbs dust, and the oil is not easily washed during washing, and there is re-staining. . Through easy decontamination finishing, the performance of polyester-cotton blended fabrics can be improved and product grades can be improved.