Sequined Embroidery Features

- Apr 07, 2020-

Sequined embroider also belongs to a kind of embroider machine, install sequin on the machine namely, can be single sequin also can be double sequin.Sequined embroidery is made up of several sequins and needles. The sequins are made of materials with a hard texture, smooth surface and high finish. They are matched with different colors, sizes and shapes to give the embroidery a unique effect.Sequined embroidery display board also known as sequined display board, flashing display board.By a number of sequins, needles, injection board assembled.Sequins can be monochrome, can be fantasy, can be round, can be irregular patterns.The sequins are made of PET, PVC and other materials, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Product features

1. Sequins flash.Free-swimming flash is fixed on the grid, the reflection effect of the sequins can absorb the light source from any direction, and combined with its own color, highlighting the unique performance effect, flashing gorgeous is one of its characteristics.

2. New dynamic visual effects.Instead of the traditional advertising single, strong visual impact, gorgeous color, attract every passing eyeball, for the enterprise to add modern fashion dynamic visual effect;

3. Environmental protection and energy conservation, play the clever effect of nature.Especially suitable for ventilation position, under the drive of the light source and the wind, based on the point, the line is connected with the point, the line is spread into a surface, constitute different wave, beam, focus and so on different fashion dynamic effect.

4. Handmade.Sequined embroidery is an artistic product made purely by hand.A fusion of the designer's various ideas.

5. The low cost and obvious effect of the product have brought unlimited business opportunities for the advertising industry and the decoration material market.