The Difference Between Clothing Material And Fabric

- Sep 15, 2019-

The clothes that people usually wear, whether it is home clothes, business attire or tooling, do not know if they have carefully observed their materials and fabrics? Usually, many people will confuse the material of the clothes with the fabrics. They think that they are a meaning. In fact, the materials and fabrics are still very different. Today, the squad of will tell you the difference between the materials and fabrics. .

First of all, by definition, the difference between them, the clothing material refers to the composition of the clothes, the general ingredients include polyester, silk, polyester, etc.; and the fabric refers to the touch and vision of the clothes, popularly speaking, Is the clothes touched by your hands, how do you feel? For example, it feels that the clothes are soft, refreshing or look shiny. It can be seen that the biggest difference between clothing materials and fabrics is that they have different definitions. After finishing the definition, let's take a look at the other differences!

Difference 2: Different characteristics

There are many different materials and different materials, and the characteristics are different. For example, cotton fabric, which is characterized by breathability and moisture absorption, is very comfortable to wear in summer; They are made of polyester or polyester fiber. Their characteristics are only relatively resistant to dirt. Therefore, many people choose cotton clothes when they buy clothes.

In addition, the same is true about the fabric of the clothes. Different fabrics have different characteristics, such as soft fabrics, and the materials are generally matched with soft materials such as silk and down, so they have two characteristics of warmth and sweat absorption. And if it is thick and heavy fabrics, in the choice of materials, roughly like polyester, polyester fiber, they are characterized by the clothes will look very version.

Difference 3: different performance effects

Although the material and fabric selection of the clothes will directly affect the overall effect of the finished clothes, but if you match them properly, you can still make very beautiful and beautiful clothes. For example, if the material is made of silk, the clothes produced will be softer and lighter, and the effect will be that the clothes look shiny, elegant and comfortable. Let's look at the choice of fabrics. If you choose natural fabrics such as pure cotton, pure wool and pure silk, the clothes you make will look more draped and more visually noble. The performance is a sentence of "high-end atmosphere."