Scuba Printed Fabric

scuba printed fabric is elastic and feels fluffy.The pattern is fashionable and beautiful.
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scuba printed fabric


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Standard as picture, as your request color/or your artwork






3000 meters

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scuba printed fabric

scuba printed fabric

scuba printed fabric

scuba printed fabric benefits

1. scuba printed fabric plays a particularly prominent role in keeping warm.Through structural design, the inner, middle and outer fabric structure is adopted, so as to form an air layer in the fabric, and the middle layer is filled with fluffy and elastic yarns, so as to form a static air layer and achieve the best heat preservation effect.

2. scuba printed fabric is not easy to fold and has strong moisture absorption/(water) sweat - which is also unique in the three-layer structure of scuba printed fabric, with large space in the middle and pure cotton cloth on the surface, so it can absorb water and lock water.

3. Good elasticity and fluffy feel. Due to the woven warp and weft of air layer fabric, it has better elasticity than knitted fabric.

4. With less defects, scuba printed fabric adopts the inner, middle and outer fabric structure. Compared with the single-piece fabric, there are fewer dress defects.


Q:I am a designer, Can you help me to produce the sample which we designed?

A:We are the factory,we have our own design team,could make your design exactly


Q:Can you make OEM or ODM service?

A:Yes. We can accept OEM service. Also we have our own designer team. So it's also welcome to

choose our ODM products.

our other

scuba printed fabric

scuba printed fabric

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